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Important information!

All further administration of your Onlineforce services will from now on be handled at https://wetail.io/mitt-konto. Your email-adress will be the same, but if you have no previous account at wetail.io you will have to set your password by following this link: https://wetail.io/mitt-konto/lost-password/. The site is in swedish, but english translation is underway. If you want assinstance in handling your subscription(s), please feel free to create a ticket at https://wetail.io/support and our team will gladly help you.

Please bear in mind that this admin area will serve only as reference for you to download old invoices, NO CHANGES IN SETTINGS WILL HAVE ANY IMPACT WHAT SO EVER!

Dersom du ikke kan finne en løsning på ditt spørsmål eller problem i vår kunnskapsbase kan du få hjelp ved å kontakte oss. Velg den avdelingen som passer best fra listen under og send inn din henvendelse.


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